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William Green Architects

After reconsidering their business and marketing strategy, William Green Architects came to us with a challenge: They required a complete overhaul of all their visual communication that would distinguish them from their competition, in order to increase leads. The process of choosing an architect is a competitive one, with customers browsing up to 10 different companies before selecting a short-list to contact. The challenge was to make sure William Green Architects (WGA) was on that short-list every time.

Besides increasing engagement with their existing market, part of the new business strategy was to attract higher profile customers; to ascend from the domestic to the commercial sector. Therefore, the overhaul had to pitch the company at much higher level than before. The brief was to create something bold, eye catching, and original. This was going to be risky, and it required a strong relationship between WGA and ourselves. They recognised the challenge, they had confidence in what they wanted, and so entrusted us to deliver.

We started the project with the visual identity, brainstorming ideas and iterating through them with regular client meetings. These meetings were intrinsic to the result, and we must credit WGA for their ability to provide insight and perspective without limiting the creativity. Once we had a solution for the visual identity, the website design could begin. From the beginning, we were conscious of creating an identity that would be a defining style of all marketing material, which is clear from the design of the website. The bold geometric style of the logo is reflected in every detail of the website design, even down to the icons on the contact page.

The result is a distinctive website that is completely original to its competitors. It is memorable, and clearly pitches William Green Architects as a premium provider in the region.

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Paul Veatriki