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Tamarindo Communications

The challenge we faced was this: all PR agency websites look the same. There is belief in the community that this stems from an expectation for a certain look, feel, and culture. We don’t necessarily agree with this philosophy. Our charge was to make a site that was obviously a professional outfit, but that cuts a different line: an agency that stands out from the crowd and, in so doing, implies they can do the same for their clients.

The illustrations were hand drawn by our in-house illustrator, Ben. The site inner pages were meticulously wireframed and designed by our design team for the development team to put together with their web glue.
It’s pretty, impactful, and powerful. It runs on a Drupal content management system built and configured specifically for the client’s changing needs over the next few years.

Some initial sketches Tamarindo Landing Screen Tamarindo Energy Tamarindo Inner Pages Tamarindo PR CSS Site of the Day Tamarindo Page 4 Tamarindo Page 5 Tamarindo Page 6 Tamarindo Page 7
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