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Hetty's Hospital

Our brief was to "Create a storybook app that reduces childrens' anxiety when going into hospital by educating them about the experience in a fun and engaging way"

The NHS approached us to help make the prospect of going to hospital less daunting for children. They already had an excellent idea: A team of finalists from the 2023 challenge had imagined a phone and iPad story app.

The app is aimed primarily at young children, from 4 to 9 years old. We took a fun, illustrated and caricatured angle to the hospital environment. Initial work centred on addressing specific medical experiences, scamping out scenes and games and generally having fun with ideas.


Read the full case-study here.


Promoting Hetty's Hospital in GP waiting rooms Hetty's Hospital project 1 The target audience Hetty having her Ultrasound How it all began... concepting the app with pen and paper Developing the storyboards Defining the phonetics for the speaking characters Introduction to the Hospital Meet the cast Charlie has an MRI scan Priya has an X-Ray Hetty & Priya in the Interactive Games Room The game 'Find what Dino ate today'
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