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Greater Change

Greater Change is a social enterprise that aims to help people who are homeless or at near term risk of homelessness. It matches donations to an individual’s specific savings goals which allows people to move into secure accommodation and employment. As a hugely beneficial social project, it qualified for Global Initiative’s Social Digital Support Fund, from which we supported 65% of the costs pro bono.

We branded the entire enterprise from the outset (which was an enormous amount of fun), and set to work on how to build an app that engaged users to donate to individual vulnerable benefactors on the street. A huge amount of the project was dedicated to research and wireframe iteration. Getting to know the actual needs of rough sleepers and the donating public was essential to delivering excellent value. As a result of the first round of work, the project raised around £40 000 from crowdfunding and other sources, part of which went to fund development. 


Read the full case-study here.


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