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BullBear App Design & Build

The world of stocks and shares can be an intimidating venture: an industry filled with anagrams, colloquial terms, and jargon. The barrier to entry seems impossibly high to many armchair investors. Although there are many stocks and shares apps out there, the founders of BullBear soon realised there was a real desire for an app that could combine the competitivity of fantasy sports leagues to engage users, whilst teaching them about the markets as they went along.

An intuitive, friendly design for the user interface was paramount to this project, as we needed to set BullBear clearly aside from its overcomplicated, dry, and confusing competitors. The complexity of the information for certain pages could not be avoided, and maintaining the friendly, approachable look and feel across the app was a fantastic challenge. BullBear is a fun, welcoming, and builds confidence with its users as they evolve from novice to stock market pro in a risk free environment. They can enter competitions, build portfolios, and rise the leagues with guidance along the way.

The app uses data from the actual stock market and teaches its users not only about the way the markets work, but also about the state of real shares. As we’ve discovered during the testing phase, the app is highly addictive, and even those with absolutely no interest in the markets can soon find themselves trading with the best.

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Created by:
Paul Veatriki Dan Robson